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Regular wellness exams protect your pet's health

Wellness exams check on your pet's regular health while also checking for illnesses which can harm their health.

Focus of Exam

Questions We Ask


The focus of a wellness exam is the maintenance of optimal health of your pet.

It takes place while your pet is healthy.

During a wellness exam, we will ask you questions about your pet.  We'll ask about your pet's diet, behavior, and elimination patterns.

We'll check your pet's alertness, general body condition, skin, eyes, hair/coat, ears, nose and face, and their mouth and teeth.

Areas We Check

Tests We Run

Wellness Schedule

We check your pet's heart, lungs, lymph nodes, pulse, legs and hips and their abdomens for any abnormalities.  

We will also test a sample of your pet's feces.  The sample will be processed and evaluated for the presence of parasite eggs.

Young pets may be seen on a monthly basis while adult pets require annual exams.  Middle-aged or geriatric pets should be seen semi-annually.

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