Meet our Clinic Cats



Olive is the oldest sibling of our clinic cats and was sadly left in a kennel outside our door with her mom in August of 2017. She has made quite a transformation from a scrawny bouncing black kitten to the fluffy cuddle bug cat she is today. The easiest way to tell her apart from her look alike brother, Albert, is her short tail and brown ear tuffs. You can usually find her lounging around the clinic in a chair, sleeping in a box behind the reception desk or making friends in the lobby.



 Professor Pickle Bottom is one of the 6 kittens that were born at the clinic in August of 2017.  He is the cool cat who loves to be carried, cuddled, and gets into everything.  He has a slight obsession with leashes, rubber bands, endotracheal tubes, and muzzles, and we are constantly chasing after him to get something back.  He enjoys riding on the stocking cart, climbing kennel doors and greeting everyone at the front door. 



 Albert is also one of the 6 kittens that were born here in August of 2017.  He is our odd ball kitty who always finds himself in awkward situations.  He is a very vocal cat who only likes to be handled on his terms.  Early on we discovered that he has some pretty remarkable skills such as his ability to open lever door handles and cabinet doors.  You may get the chance to experience Albert popping out of a cabinet in one of the exam rooms.  He also enjoys playing hide and seek with the staff just before closing time, so we end up having to open every cabinet in the clinic before finding him.