Puppy and Kitten Wellness


Getting a new puppy or kitten is always exciting!  We are honored to help you care for your new pet.  We recommend your pet's first visit be around 6 to 8 weeks of age.  The earlier you start bringing your puppy or kitten, the better we  can examine and prevent any health concerns.  Your pet will receive a NO COST General Wellness Examination at each visit, intestinal parasite control, vaccinations tailored to your pet's lifestyle, flea/tick and heartworm prevention consultation,  and behavioral and nutritional consultations.

Adult and Senior Pet Wellness


Wellness Examinations for every stage of life is important!  The frequency of recommended wellness examinations is typically once a year for most pets, and every six months for senior pets and pets with chronic health issues.  A Wellness  Examination is an overall general health assessment when your pet is healthy.  Diagnostic procedures and treatment options may be recommended.  We are proud to offer NO COST General Wellness Exams when performed with annual core vaccinations.

Sick Pet Exams and Emergency Care


A thorough physical exam is extremely important when your pet is sick, injured, or when you have other concerns that need to be addressed.  Diagnostic testing may be recommended and most of the testing can be performed in our on-site laboratory.   In most cases, treatments can be managed within our clinic and all available options will be discussed. For after-hour emergencies, we recommend that our patients seek emergency care at our local Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital. 316-262-5321



Did you know that microchipping is the only unique, unalterable, tamper-proof, permanent form of identification that owners can provide for their pets?  We exclusively use PetLink microchips because of their outstanding quality and commitment  to service.  PetLink is a 24/7/365 pet registry and pet recovery service with lifetime registration.  No hidden or annual fees required.  For more information, visit www.petlink.net.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter


Spaying and Neutering your pets help them live longer healthier lives, and it also plays an important role in reducing the number of unwanted pets.  Price estimates are made on a case by case basis including the weight and age of your pet,  and if any additional procedures need to be performed. (ie: vaccinations, pre-anesthetic blood work, etc.)

Dental Care


The procedure to clean your pet’s teeth is similar to what your dentist would perform, except our patients are placed under general anesthesia.  Once anesthetized, we remove the calculus on all surfaces of the teeth and under the gum line  with an ultrasonic scaling machine.  The teeth are then polished smooth with a fluoride paste.  Any loose or abscessed teeth will be extracted as needed.



Diagnostic testing is important for both preventative care and when treating illnesses or injuries.  

Most testing can be performed in our on-site Laboratory unless more specialized testing is needed.  

A few of the Diagnostic tests that we offer include:

- Fecal Parasite Check

- Heartworm Testing

- Urinalysis

- Feline Leukemia and Aids Testing

- Parvovirus Testing

- Complete Blood Cell Screening

- Chemistry Panels

- Digital Radiographs (Xrays)

- Ultrasounds

General Surgical Services


Not only do we offer low cost spaying and neutering surgeries, but we also perform other quality surgical services including:

- Mass/Tumor Removals

- Biopsies

- Laceration Repairs

- Hernia Repairs

- Cystotomy (bladder stone removal)

- Exploratory Surgery

- Aural Hematoma Repair

- Emergency Pyometra Surgery

- Eye Enucleations